• Bridge retrofit and refurbishment

Valuing resource is key to sustainability and regenerative design

In the context of our current climate emergency it is our responsibility as designers to recognise the resource that exists in projects and to carefully consider and  understand the need for anything new. This project seeks to improve an existing crossing which is vehicle dominated and better provide for pedestrians and cyclists to ensure equal access for all. The structure is significant in scale and presence and our response is to better utilise what is there before considering any new additions. 

Our ethos for this project was led by these principles: 
• Lean start: a project that minimises the embodied energy used for new
construction, acknowledging that the emittance of carbon dioxide and
other greenhouse gasses is creating immediate harm that cannot be offset
entirely against future savings.
• Long life: any new construction must recognise the long history of
crossing at this site, and be designed for a long life to complement
the existing structures and minimise the energy use from future
maintenance interventions.
• Loose Fit: Over time, transport modes may change away from the high
carbon intensity systems of the present day. Anticipating this demand
change is difficult, and therefore climate resilience and flexibility. 

Equally important are the positive social outcomes that can be realised from the ripple effect of improved connectivity to include employment, education and health. 

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