• ESG Strategy and Implementation

Setting targets and having an impact for commercial and residential assets. 

Dorrington is an established property investor and developer, with a long-standing heritage, largely working with existing buildings. Their assets are split between commercial and residential and include over 70 buildings across London and the southeast. By continuously investing in existing buildings Dorrington are advanced in their mission for reuse and embodied carbon reduction but they recognise the need to formalise their portfolio plan and weave in the wider principles of ESG. 

We have been appointed to support them on their ESG journey which includes measuring the performance of their assets, benchmarking and setting targets. 

Having established their key areas of impact we are now moving into the implementation phase. Building on our experience in designing and delivering sustainable fit out schemes and homes, we are producing manuals and guides. These documents will serve several audiences including design teams, contractors, asset managers and tenants. Sharing the Dorrington vision will be relevant throughout while content will range from technical specification at the contractor level to and engagement and encouragement for tenants and residents. 

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