• Meridian Water Bridge

A kit-of-parts designed to generate social value

Meridian Water is a major London regeneration programme led by Enfield Council comprising a large infrastructure network and 10,000 homes. Drawing on our experience in footbridges and our social entrepreneurial approach we have created a design for the infrastructure which delivers on the third placemaking pillar developed by Enfield Council, ‘your place to make and create’.

Much of the initial investment at Meridian Water will be realised through the infrastructure therefore we saw this as an opportunity to unite the local community and give them a sense of ownership, now and into the future.

Building on the existing carpentry industry and warehouse assets we have designed a timber-based kit of parts that can be made locally. Jobs and skills will thrive, along with pride of place, ensuring a well rooted and meaningful development. The proposal is purposely low tech in character, mapping to circular principles and low in carbon.

Meridian Water
Team Credits:

Structural Engineer: Expedition