• Project Stackhouse, Modular Infill Housing

An innovative solution for a network of affordable homes on in-fill sites, utilising volumetric off-site construction technology.

Working with Project Stackhouse, an innovative housing provider, we developed a network of affordable homes across London utilising small, in-fill sites and volumetric off-site construction technology.

Project Stackhouse have a unique financial model for delivery which relies on land rental rather than purchase. In collaboration with a landowner the development offer includes concepts designs, financial viability schemes and a community benefit strategy. Once agreed, Project Stackhouse will develop and manage the schemes and provide 2 guarantees; 1) to pay the landowner a fixed proportion of the gross rent (typically between 5 – 20%) and 2) 50% of the units are provided at affordable rents for the duration of the lease agreement.

We provide both architecture and engineering design services, with the help of our sister company Expedition Engineering. Our modular system can be configured in any number of ways to suit individual sites and required apartment mixes.  The intent is to offer healthy homes that are well laid-out, efficient, and flexible, and are constructed from natural, sustainable materials.  Robust, energy efficient design will ensure minimal maintenance and running costs for residents.

Project Stackhouse
Team Credits:

Structural engineer: Expedition Engineering