• Westbourne Park Workspace

Re-purposing a car park to accommodate the head office of a pioneering London Bus operator

A simple layout that responds to the site constraints is essential for supporting the diverse and complex bus operations, including head offices, driving staff functions, welfare facilities, social and learning spaces.  Key spaces are arranged to optimise natural daylight, views and visual amenity onto internal gardens within artificial lightwells. Rational, generous circulation routes with long vistas connect the differing functions across the large floorplate.

The exposed concrete structure is complemented by warm natural materials and bold, elegant interventions.  A variety of planting strategies are used to structure the space, support wellbeing and provide amenity.

Display and management of information is a critical function; we are working with our sister company, Thomas.Matthews, to develop a useful, effective communication design.

Team Credits:

Transport Architect: Janus

MEP: Lachmann Consultants