Zero Carbon Store

Useful Studio and USP worked in collaboration with the Simons Group, Leonard Design Architects and Expedition Engineering to explore concepts for a benchmark eco store

The project is a collaboration between British Land, one of the biggest commercial property developers in the UK and Boots, the most trusted retailer on the high street.

This project represents a unique opportunity to bring together a major developer and retailer to think in innovative ways about how they can meet their individual sustainability goals by working corroboratively.

This collaboration has promoted a whole life approach to sustainable retail that covers design, construction, operation and end of life elements of store design. Further, it also looks at 3 store types: an out of town new build; an out of town retrofit store; and a high street retrofit.

The focus of this initial phase of work has been to develop a broad and shared definition of sustainability. In doing so the project has also looked at retail trends, the future of retail and the Boots One Health Concept.


British Land / Boots


In progress