Chiswick Bridge

A sustainable, efficient and elegant design for a challenging site in Chiswick that demonstrates the collaborative approach within the Useful Simple Trust companies.

Useful Studio are working with Expedition Engineering on the design for a new footbridge linking Chiswick Business Park to the west and the Colonial Drive Residential Development and Chiswick Park Underground Station to the east.

Sustainability, efficiency and elegance drives the design, which is composed on three arches that increase in height from west to east, in-line with the significance of the spans. The graceful arches present a natural form in their surroundings and the earthy tones provided by the weathered steel and hardwood timber deck complement the adjacent nature reserve and park.

The arched proposal is a highly efficient form that maximises off-site fabrication, minimises disruption during construction and reduces material use and waste to ensure minimal environmental impact.  This design ethos has been carried through from conception and into the design considerations for construction and demolition.

Construction is underway with completion due in 2018.




In progress

Team Credits: 

Structural Engineer: Expedition

Landscape: Charles Funke

Lighting: Speirs and Major