Car park conversion for co-working

The potential of a redundant basement car park is unlocked by better connecting it with the ground floor to allow for shared light and views.

We have developed proposals to reinvent a disused underground car park as co-working office space in London. This modest intervention is an example of the kind of subtle land-intensification that we believe is vital to the successful growth of our cities.

Extending and remodelling the existing ground floor as part of the proposals, the new workspace is considered as a ‘box-within-a box’: as if a new two-storey unit has been inserted into an otherwise unchanged existing building.

Minor adjustments to the existing façade will dramatically improve the character of the streetscape while the high-quality flexible workspace will both increasing employment opportunities and reduce car-use by encouraging sustainable travel.

Natural light is brought into the floorplans via lightwells, roofl­ights and translucent screens as well as the large glazed openings along the street frontage. Views through and out are provided at each fl­oor, with perimeter glazing revealing light and other visual amenity.

Planning approval was received in November 2016 with construction planned for later this year.