East Finchley, Infill Housing

Maximising the value of inner city brownfield sites through the provision of high quality affordable housing 

We have worked in collaboration with Project Stackhouse to produce a Feasibility Report for the redevelopment of a small and highly constrained site in north London. The proposal is for 50/50 affordable to market, providing 73 tenure blind apartments over 6 stories plus ground with a total NLA of 5,034m2/54,187ft2.

The scheme makes full use of the site and proposes an intelligent technical solution which protects the rail way embankment and long term maintenance access required by TfL while capitalising on the land for family homes and providing a reinvigorated frontage to the street. All the units are dual aspect with long views and a shared central courtyard and lightwell. The massing has been sculpted to create depth and texture in the facade and interest at roof level with a setback pitch.


Project Stackhouse



Useful Studio have been instrumental in helping Stackhouse progress from bid stage to the final round for TfL’s East Finchley project. Both Catherine and Michelle were very proactive and meticulous in producing a comprehensive pack for our submission. During our final tender interview, the senior development manager from TfL specifically commented on the very impressive submission from Useful Studio

Moshin Jamal, Project Stackhouse

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Expedition Engineering

Image Credits: Useful Studio