I&S School Expansion Feasibility Study

In response to a growing student population and the strategic work of our original masterplan we were commissioned by the London Borough of Hounslow to investigate the viability of expansion at the school.

The study, in collaboration with Pick Everard, looked at 2 key means of accommodating the growth: a new build on existing tarmac play space and a new build/refurbishment scheme positioned on the footprint of an existing building which has been identified as very poor grade and in need of replacement.

Building on the themes developed within the Strategic Masterplan, the feasibility study has demonstrated the schools ability to expand and easily accommodate the indicated growth from 6.5FE to 8FE as well as providing options for positioning and scope.

This commission builds on our Strategic Masterplan for the full school site including the buildings and associated grounds and ran in parallel with our appointment with the school for a major refurbishment of the Humanities Wing.

The Feasibility Report allowed the London Borough of Hounslow to obtain funding for the construction of the expansion building, and we have subsequently been commissioned to develop the full designs and oversee the works on site, which are due to complete in the Autumn of 2017.


London Borough of Hounslow



Team Credits: 

Architect: Useful Studio
Structural Engineer: Expedition Engineering
Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health Engineers: Thornton Reynolds
Cost Consultant: Pick Everard