Laboratory Re-use + Refurbishment

Creative re-use and re-purposing of building stock is key to providing high quality learning spaces for schools

As part of our ongoing delivery of the Strategic Estate Plan and Masterplan for Isleworth & Syon School we designed a scheme to convert 5 existing undersized classrooms into 4 science labs. By removing existing dropped ceilings and redundant services we achieved higher ceilings which in turn improved daylight and a spatial generosity in the rooms. The existing hardwood parquet floor was refurbished and sealed ensuring another 50 years of service. The monochromatic colour scheme is aligned with the school branding and reflects the spirit of the school.


This scheme was funded by contributions from the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and was completed in autumn 2018.


London Borough of Hounslow




September 2018

Team Credits: 

Architect: Useful Studio

Structural Engineer: Expedition Engineering

Mechanical Engineer: Thornton Reynolds

Cost Consultant: Pick Everard

Contractor: Neilcott

Image Credits: Useful Studio