Skimming bridge

Craft and kit of parts approach with EFC

Inspired by the Common Tern, also known as the sea swallow, our bridge skims the water to bring users close to nature and provide rare moments of calm. Our unique approach of purpose driven urbanism, inspired by the local vocabulary of industry creates a place that sets high standards of inclusivity, experience, sustainability and craft.

The ribbon surface skims the water, in flight, with delicate outrigger balustrade uprights which are slightly removed from the deck to provide perch points for the birds.

A craft and kit of parts approach with the earth friendly concrete forming a constant base, capable of a number of configurations of balustrade infill and furniture. The final detail will be informed by the available resource for re-purposing but is based on the principles of steel plate uprights with a round rail of timber or steel. Connections are simple bolt based fixings, ideal for replacement and deconstruction to map to circular principles.

Depending on the degree of infill required for safety we propose continuous stainless cables. These are light in character, not obstructing views of the water, while having a high performance to weight.

The EFC deck and piers have a long life with low operational maintenance.





Team Credits: 

Expedition Engineering

Thomas Matthews

Image Credits: Useful Studio