St Mark’s School Masterplan

By aligning School’s Strategic Aims to Development Opportunities within the site, the Masterplan has been essential for supporting the ongoing growth and development at St Mark’s.

Useful Studio have guided St Mark’s Catholic School in Hounslow through the creation and ongoing development of an innovative low-waste Masterplan, that is providing a robust vision to align the School’s strategic aims to development opportunities within the site.

Working closely with the School to identify Key Issues and Priorities – encompassing Community, Faith, Education, Environment, Beauty, Inspiration, Quality, Efficiency and Investment – we have compiled a plan that demonstrates how these can be provided for within an estate that has developed sporadically and inconsistently over the last eighty years.

By auditing the existing School site in terms of layout, space, building stock, energy, environment, noise, security and accessibility we can draw on the many specialisms across the Trust to demonstrate how meaningful change can be delivered within a constrained economic environment.

Reviewed and reassessed regularly, the Master-plan has led to the successful application for EFA funding for the development of two completed projects, the Sports Hall and Drama Theatre.

We look forward to assisting with the next phase of development at the School.


St Mark's School


2012 - Ongoing


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