Useful Studio win RIBA & National Highways competition to design next generation of UK motoroway gantry.

We are thrilled to announce that Useful Studio have been selected as winners of the recent RIBA competition to design the next generation of motorway gantries in the UK. We will be working closely with Expedition Engineering on the developed and technical design of the gantries which the client, National Highways, is aiming to deliver for production and installation from 2025.

A significant reduction in carbon emissions was a core aspiration of the design. This has been achieved by implementing a leaner, lighter construction without compromising the structures' strength or resilience. The use of weathering steel gives the gantries a maintenance-free finish - the material will continue to patinate during its lifespan, appearing an earthy reddish-brown and complenting the landscape it sits within.

More informatoin can be found on our Projects page.