• BNU Placemaking

A placemaking project with an emphasis on material reuse and social impact.

In this furniture design and placemaking project, the benches and planters designed by the studio were constructed using salvaged timber from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, sourced from fellow Social Enterprise - Oxford Wood Recycling.

The benefit of using UK based timber is that the carbon emitted from transporting the material is massively reduced, as well as salvaging a material that would have otherwise been disposed of. By partnering with Oxford Wood Recycling we were able to support their mission to transform lives by supporting people excluded from working to move towards and into employment.

The furniture detail design and fixing methods enable ease of replacement and disassembly so that their lifespan is increased. The timber was treated with an environmental product, Osmo, which is based upon purified and refined natural resources. The benches and planters are also engraved to tell a story about the origin of the timber, as salvaged and locally sourced.  

Buckinghamshire New University
Team Credits:

Landscape Designer: Julie Wise Design

Fabricator: Oxford Wood Recycling, Social Enterprise