I&S School Masterplan

The strategic masterplan has been instrumental in securing EFA funding for the school, ensured wise investment and aided in prioritising important development decisions

Our masterplan for Isleworth & Syon has provided a cohesive vision for the school that takes into account academic performance, growth patterns, cost efficiency, energy awareness and health and well being.

The Masterplan report serves as a live document that informs and guides decision making in terms of development, expansion and improvements. It is specific to the local context, the school buildings and the site and not to a specific curriculum or governing mindset. This ensures that the report has a long and useful life.

The scope of the study includes the full extent of the school grounds including the buildings, play areas, and landscape as well as off-site facilities.
Working through a sequence of analysis, auditing, options development and prioritising outcomes, the masterplan ‘product’ includes both the process and proposals:
Upfront strategic thinking in order to set out an approach to development over subsequent years
Clear understanding of the planning context – both in terms of local plans and government policy and planning guidance
The clients’ circumstances – masterplanning is a fluid process that goes through several stages and should be flexible and adjust to any variation in circumstances.

In the current economic climate and with the recent review of government capital expenditure for schools it is critical that investment decisions are highly efficient and part of a cohesive vision. The school has taken a proactive step in commissioning a Strategic Masterplan to assist with the securing of funds and also to guide decision making at all levels. With the completion of the Humanities Wing Refurbishment and ongoing Expansion development, the School is already reaping the rewards of such a forward-thinking attitude.


Isleworth & Syon School



The Master Planning exercise has been of great benefit in setting the strategic direction for the development of the school site over the next few years. It has enabled us to be successful with our first funding bid and has ensured the proper prioritisation of projects and of investment of public funds.

Ernie Glancy, Vice-Chair of Governors, Isleworth & Syon School